Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I have started so far - Chaos

So far including my Thousand Sons, I have over 3000 points fully painted. My immediate to-do list is rather short. I have a squad of terminators to finish and then start on a predator, vindicator and finish my brass scorpion. I can't make promises on the rest within the near future. I may move on to another army. With the lack of table space, I was forced to take some full army photos at a local 2000pt Rogue Trader with my blackberry phone. However closer images of my Chaos project can be found on
 Warseer. (Under my alias Alsiaie)

Total painted tally..
20 CSM
14 Deathguard
3 Rhinos
27 Thousand Sons
2 Dreadnoghts
2 Greater Daemons
2 Daemon Princes
1 Thousand Son Lord/sorcerer
40+ Plague Bearers as Lesser Daemons
2 Obliterators


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