Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coding sucks... Period.

Hah patience endured! I've now edited the default template to add a second column. I tried some pre-fab templates but I kept having problems replacing the title with an image. After a while I said *** it and coded it myself by trial and error.


Dverning said...

Heh. That's how I've adjusted most of my layout. I tried using the blogspot tools and was underwhelmed. There's not even a way to modify default column width. So I have done several tweaks by hand and am much happier for it.

ChimeraHiveMind said...

Well we do have to keep in mind that blogspot's slogan is "click and publish". My mother who is near retirement even has her own blog and she's on the far end of computer savy. There's real no inbetween. Either you're a point and click noob or expert coder who only uses notepad.

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