Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speed painting method - Nurgle flesh

So I decided to try a less detail oriented method at painting nurgle flesh. I really like to use my airbrush and paint highlights by hand. I rarely dry brush. This is my first army I'll be painting that won't have armor whether it's power armor or eldar armor. This time I went old fashion and gave dry brushing a shot. I have completed one Herald model. I use Game Colors for most of my paint. Total time was 20-30 minutes.

Base coat Foul Green (OOP GW Vile Green)
Dry brush Dead Flesh (GW Rotting Flesh)

Skin details
Filthy Brown (GW Vomit Brown)
I am considering Paracite Brown instead (GW Vermin Brown)

Base coat Cobra Leather (GW Snakebite Leather)
Dry Brush Plague Brown (GW Bubonic Brown)

Beasty Brown (GW Beastial Brown)
Dry Brush Plague Brown
Boltgun Metal

Whole model coated with one generous coat of Devlin Mud.


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