Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A start of a blog...

Hello folks and welcome to my Warhammer blog. I currently have projects started for Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons (Nurgle dedication) and Ultra Marines. I've been using Warseer.com to provide my journey with my CSM first.

My Eldar have been pretty much put on the shelf or back burner. I've been playing them for many years (Just before the release of Codex: Craftworld Eldar) and until I can find ways to play Eldar that isn't the standard and boring serpent circus. On an estimated count, there is probably about 5000 points of codex Eldar (exlcuding Apoc and Forgeworld) to be painted. Most of which have been assembled.

Currently my Ultra Marines are on the early phases of development. Most models are assembled with a large potion already base coated blue. Currently I am working on some standard 1850 lists to figure out what models will be completed first. Just like my Eldar, I easily can estimate 5000 points assembled at this time. Part of that has to do with owning over 20 terminators and a few landraiders etc.
CSM/Daemons is my true baby. Until Eldar get's a codex which makes foot Eldar viable again... I've been playing Chaos almost as long as Eldar which spans to my original Iron Warriors army. Just like my Eldar, portions of the past have either been sold or stripped down to base plastics. Over the years, I have improved my painting skills but I'm more of a gamer than painter to this day. My CSM have no dedication but do have a heavier following of Khorne and Nurgle. Mostly because of tactical viability of the codex for tournament play. Slaanesh just doesn't perform well and I already have a wholly dedicated Thousand Sons army I've kept from the old CSM codex. Chaos Daemons is a small side project. I purchased most of a 2000 point Epidemius army from a single person just to have a quick pick-up army that I don't plan on expanding. At least until all of my CSM and SM are done. They will most likely stay painted as is.


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