Saturday, March 20, 2010

Palanquins of Nurgle...(updated)

I stopped at Hobby Lobby today armed with a 40% off coupon. Picked up some modeling puddy. There's a lot out there. Some clay based and some play-doh based. I decided to go with the kids stuff. It's a lot softer. $6.99 regular price for 1 pound. I paid about $4.25. It's a pretty big tub. I used maybe 1/15 at the most for a smaller palanquin.

Pretty easy to do. I first started with a 40mm base and a glob a little smaller than a golf ball. The puddy appears to be super glue friendly when fresh. Throw on a hand full of trimmed nurglings. When dry, I can fill up the gaps.

I plan on using an urban theme for my Daemons. Here we have a palanquin for a herald that I have started.


Dverning said...

I love the use of the building pieces throughout. It's a simple conversion that looks good and is thinking outside the norm. I approve!

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