Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unlocking Space Clowns' dirty side...Fun or stupidity?

So I've got this horrid idea burning in the back of my mind. What would your opponent think if you just did the dumbest but laughable things all in one Eldar army? I have no idea if an 1850 list can do it. And of course it does have to have some sort of playability backbone to make it fun.

What I mean is coming up with a list using tactics not commonly seen without certain metagames in mind.
 For example... Mind War and lots of it. Unfortunately Eldrad can't use it twice being a shooting attack and requiring LoS. But let's look at two seers on bikes (no warlock counsels just for the stupidity) flying around alongside warwalker squads would just be funny blasting mindwar everywhere. What's this? My warwalkers failed to kill that heavily saturated veteran!? DON'T WORRY, I HAVE MIND WAR... BLARGH! (Seriously, you need to yell this during the game for it to work....)

Let's throw in some other units who have abililities that more or less say "you can't stop it". Rubber Hawks. Not so effective but again, have a level of what I simply call stupidity. A small squad of harlequins of course would have to join the fun. They have effective uses and with the shadow seer, they too have a level of stupidity thanks to veil of tears.

What about troops? Well there's no real inherent abilities to pick from. I suppose I'd have to go the route of storm guardians. But what can we do to make the troops fun? That's easy. Serpents with star engines do have an underlining level of stupidity in my opinion. I'll sumarize but for an advanced explaination, Frtiz of Way of Saim-Hann can be that inspiration with advanced Eldar ramming tactics. Basically lots of suicide ramming, cover saves and good defense to death or glory thanks to forcefields.

With these components in mind on a single tabletop, I feel there are a lot of viable and fun tactics that some are not collectively seen in the competative eldar world. It would be a good change of pace over the boring hide and seek objective lists. At least for me, it would be an army that felt dirty but not in a unsportsmen sort of way.


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