Saturday, March 13, 2010

Craziest missions you'll ever see? (updated)

Taken from Amercent Films without permission

I'm currently playing in a 10-week escalation league and I've received my 4th mission of 5. These missions are not the norm. They're written to be very mean and sometimes unforgiving. Some are up to par or worse than the current Adepticon Gladiator primer missions. This week just blew my mind and I found it worth writing about.

Round 4 is at the 1850 level. I am currently playing CSM. Players must use the same codex throughout the league.


Your squad has been tasked with scouting an area of jungle and creating a safe landing zone for reinforcements. Of course, the tactical benefits of the location have dictated that your enemy is trying to do the same thing!

The mission is KILL POINTS. The deployment is SPEARHEAD. Use a standard 4' x6' table, but use a high amount of terrain (75% of the table should be covered!), and use predominantly jungle and forest. You should have no more than 2 NON vegetative terrain features.


CREATE A SAFE LANDING ZONE: Your HQ (you choose which if you field more than one) carries a homing beacon for a landing craft. Up to three of your troop choices (force organization chart choices) is armed with a single defoliation bomb. This does not replace any other weapon choices, although you must nominate which models are carrying them. A vehicle can not carry the defolitation bomb. During any shooting phase, rather than shooting, that model may trigger their defoliation bomb. THIS COUNTS AS SHOOTING, SO THE UNIT MAY NOT RUN! Use the apocalypse large blast template, centered on the triggering model. Remove all jungle and forest terrain features that are at least half under the template. If a large terrain features is less than half covered by the template, remove it and replace it with a smaller available terrain feature (both players should be able to agree on this). Once an area has been cleared, your HQ can plant the homing beacon there by moving to the center of the cleared area. Once there, the HQ can plant the beacon and move on, or simply stay there with the beacon on his belt/hide/whatever. Beacons that are abandoned can be destroyed by contacting them with an enemy unit, but cannot be destroyed via shooting.

SILENCE THE ENEMY'S GUNS: With reinforcements inbound, you need to make sure that your enemy does not have any weapons capable of taking out a landing craft. Destroy as many enemy shooting weapons of Strength 6 or higher as possible. The entire unit or vehicle possessing the weaponry does not have to be destroyed, just the guns in question.

Win: 100 pts

Tie: 75pts

Loss: 50pts

Bonus points up to 50 max.

-Each defoliation bomb triggered that removes or reduces in size one piece of terrain: +5 pts each

-If your homing beacon is placed and activated at the end of the game: +10 pts

-If no enemy models are within 3" of your clearing with the homing beacon at the end of the game: +10 pts

-If you destroy your opponents homing device (either by killing the attached HQ or destroying a placed beacon): +5 pts

-If you killed all your opponents HQ choices. +15 pts

-If you have destroyed all of your opponent's Str 6 or greater guns OR if you or opponent fields NO Str 6 or greater guns : +10 pts *

-If you have destroyed half (rounded up) of your opponent's Str 6 or greater guns: +5 pts *
* (you can only earn one of these results)

There was also a clarification sent out with this mission. Due to the game store's terrain supply (which is rather large) we will still lack on the forest side. Currently hills of any level can be used to represent area forests. Line of Sight rules have been amended.

"All hills count as dense forest terrain with a 2 inch line of sight into and out of."

So now what to do with it... Through carefully reading the mission rules, Lesser Daemons will be unable to carry any bombs because they are not considered part of the FoC chart. We've got a table that will be more or less all difficult terrain. Dangerous for vehicles. This limits both players with either slow moving infantry or transports moving 6" or less thanks to CSM dozer blade movement restrictions. My opponent will also be CSM which will be a wonderful advantage since I won't be facing any skimmers. Winning this game will keep me in the top placement tier for the final mission. I don't even know where to start with this...

I've been playing 40k for about 10 years and there are always opportune times for careful planning. Typically so when money is on the line with our scheduled tournaments. In some instances, days of planning and testing is just common practice for these events. I think that this mission may top everything I've had to prepare for. Prize winnings are on the line and a win may be necessary to place with this mission... I think my head will be scratched raw on this one. The only thing that feels at ease is knowing the forest probably won't last more than 2 game turns after both players drop up to 3 7" bombs to clear the table.

For Round 3, I played against orks. I received near max victory points with a 12-6 kill point ratio.

The Scenario
1500 point game, 4' x 6' table, standard terrain deployment (25%)
Annihilation mission, Pitched Battle deployment.

For this scenario, you will need 3 clearly identifiable infantry sized models to represent HQ staff. These models will be deployed as independant characters attached to any unit as per standard rules, but they must begin the game as part of a deployed unit - no keeping them in reserve. For Daemon players or a drop pod list, they must be attached to a unit that will arrive turn one (attach after determining which half of your army arrives on turn one). Note that transport capacity for any unit that has an advisor attached must be legal. Advisors have the following stats (WS 2, T 3, Attacks: 0, Wounds: 1, 5+ invulnerable save).

For purposes of kill points, each of the advisor models counts as a kill point. In addition, each non-retinue HQ choice count as two kill points instead of one (So a Space Marine Captain with command squad would count as 3 kill points)

Your HQ advisors have special auspex/enhanced senses/whatever that allow for scanning enemy formations and units. You must attempt to get one of your HQ advisors into your opponent's deployment zone and back to yours before the end of the game. This advisor need not be alive at the end of the game; it is assumed that once back into your deployment zone the advisor is able to relay the information back to central command somewhere.

Winning is determined as per normal Annihilation rules (kill points, but don't forget the increased value on HQ's)

Win = 100 pts
Tie = 75 pts
Loss = 50 pts

If you manage to get an advisor to your opponent's deployment zone and back - 20 pts
For each of your advisors alive at the end of the game - 5 pts
For each of your opponent's advisors that you kill - 5 pts

For Round 2 I faced Dark Eldar. This round my opponent was a no show. Players are given 2 weeks to play a single round. Not only was this a no show, but there was zero contact from my oponent with either me or the league cooridnator. I was awarded a win at 115 points. Although quite honestly, I was actually expecting a win against this player. Given the mission special rules, access to many havoc autocannons and lash I don't think DE's light skimmers could have handled it. I also playtested my list against a mek ork list and I almost tabled the army in 6 turns.

Round 2 1250 pts CAN YOU HEAR ME?

The mission is CAPTURE AND CONTROL. The deployment is SPEARHEAD.
4 x 6 table. standard terrain density (25%)

- For this scenario, your objective is a comm relay of some sort. You can use whatever marker you like, but assume that the marker is 2" in diameter and 2" tall if the physical object you use is smaller. This should ease confusion if the marker is placed in a ruins (and a unit is on the floors above or below).

While you control your OWN objective, the comm relay can be used to send information from satellites/fliers to your units on the ground. During your shooting phase you can nominate one unit to receive this data. The unit must be nominated at the beginning of the phase, before you shoot with any models, or the opportunity is lost. The designated unit may re-roll any (shooting) dice to hit that roll a 1. In the case of guns that "get hot", they will still cause a wound to the model, but you can re-roll the to hit roll.

In addition to providing targeting data, you are attempting to upload a coded message through the comm relay to your commanders. Because of this, you need to try and control your objective for at least 4 turns out of the game. Control for the turn is achieved only if you control the objective for the entire turn, so if you start the turn in an assault, win, and end the turn in control, that turn will not count.

Winning is determined as per normal Capture and Control rules (so if you control your opponents objective and not yours, and they have 0, you still win the game, but not the bonus points)

Win = 100 pts
Tie = 75 pts
Loss = 50 pts

Bonus points
If you control your objective for four or more of your turns of the game = 25 pts
If you control the enemy objective at the end of the game = 10 pts
If you kill all enemy HQs = 10 pts
If you have at least 1 HQ left (not fleeing) at the end of the game = 5 pts

Finnaly the first round was pretty much an automatic loss for me. At 1000 points with a recon type mission I had to face up against IG leafblower. I managed to get my unit off the table but after that I was nearly tabled. I still walked away with some bonus points. 15 total plus the 50 for losing.


Your force is trying to hold ground while pressing forward to get vital information to front lines.

The mission is 1000 points, SEIZE GROUND (5 Objectives, don't roll). The deployment is PITCHED BATTLE. Use a 4' x 6' table and the standard amount of terrain (25%). All standard games rules are in effect. Use random game length per Rulebook.

***After Deployment Zones are chosen, but before deploying***
BEHIND ENEMY LINES: For this mission, you are being called upon to get vital information to the front lines. Communication lines have been severed and physically delivering information is required. Each player is to mark off a 12" exit zone on opponent's back board edge. (Use dice or some type of object that will not be accidently moved). For the impaired, that means side opposite where you setting up.
TANK/CREATURE HUNTING: Your commanders have issued a stern decree that enemy vehicles and monstrous creatures are to be eliminated! Your troops know this (and may have been threatened with bodily harm if they don't obey). If any of your units have a weapon that can hurt a vehicle/monstrous creature; and they have LOS to such a target, they must pass a leadership test to shoot at or assault any other unit.


Win: 100 pts
Tie: 75pts
Loss: 50pts

-You exited the point you marked off on opponent's back board edge during movement phase with a scoring unit, that did not deepstrike, did not outflank, or was embarked in vehicle: +10 pts
-You denied your opponent an exit from point he marked off with a scoring unit: +10 pts
-All of opponent's vehicles or monstrous creatures destroyed: +10 pts (yes, you get these if opponent didn't field)
-Half of opponent's vehicles or monstrous creatures destroyed (round up, so if they field 3 you need to get 2): +5 pts
-If your opponent chooses to field no vehicles or monstrous creatures: +10 pts
-If you kill all your opponent's HQ choices: +5 pts


ChimeraHiveMind said...

Well found out my email problem. I wasnt even able to forward emails to myself on the BB. After some research, I found out that in 2007 and possibly this year, day light savings time pretty much fucked over some blackberries and BB exchange servers. Thankfully for servers, there's a patch. Unfortunately for me, my inbox has become corrupted on my phone. I can compose new emails just fine but all existing emails cannot be forwarded to any email address anymore. I was able to use copy and paste methods however to compose new emails which I'll post Sunday.

sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds interesting.

The first obvious tactic that leaps out to me is to move up defoliation units while positioning shooty stuff further back in such a way that when activate bomb, you remove enemy's cover and any LOS issues and then let rip with your other shooty units.

ChimeraHiveMind said...

My biggest pondering is what type of troops. I have access to multiple squads of unmarked, nurgle and thousand sons. I also have a single squad of berserkers. Or should I just do a standard 1850 list and not sweat out the special mission rules? This is chaos vs chaos after will get bloody regardless.

Dverning said...

Okay, looking to the mission.. it's misleading about how difficult it is. Even if you get tabled, you're assured 1/3 of the points just for showing up.
The other 100 points breaks down into 4 categories of about 25 points each:
1. Kill the enemy. (VP)
2. Kill the enemy. (VP)
3. Faff about a turn. (Bombs & beacon)
4. Kill the enemy. (Specifically, HQ & S6+)

So looking at it like this, what's really your objective? The clearing and beacons are things you take care of when you have nothing better to do. Everything else about killing the other guy.

That being said... here's my thoughts on the secondaries too:
Defoliation: If you want guaranteed points, do this Turn 1. Your Troops are likely Rhino mounted CSMs or Plague Marines packing melta or plasma and will be out of range anyways. You can even move the tank 6" and pop it out a firing port. Do this with three tanks in a triangle shape 6-9" on a side and I think you'll net all 15 points in one go.
This can be done towards one side of the board to keep the clearing protected. Or you can do it towards the center of the board to give a safe spot for Deep Striking in.
There's also some entertaining tactical option that these offer, such as removing cover right before a charge or opening up with plasma weapons. But these are situational; depending greatly on the field, opponent and deployment.

Beacon: Place it the same turn as you drop the defoliation bombs and go. After all, do you really want your Daemon Prince sitting in the back and doing nothing? I could see leaving a Lash Sorceror to babysit, but I don't care for them and he would probably be better used elsewhere.
As to protecting it... at most it is 15 point item; destroying it gains 5 points for them and denies you 10. But it is only destroyed my coming into contact with it as part of a normal move or consolidation. They can't shoot it and I don't see anything about being able to use an Assault move against it either. So just treat it like Capture & Control and park a Rhino on it. This will keep them from Deep Striking or Tank Shocking to pop the beacon. Also, if they manage to assault and kill the Rhino, killing a vehicle does not allow Consolidation. Worst case, it should still give you a turn to react before they can destroy your beacon.

Defend your clearing: 3" in all directions on top of an Apocalypse template, especially since this can be multiple templates? You're talking are area around 1/6 of the table or more. This is a nice thing if you can get it, but you'll only get it by killing the enemy.

Cheers and hope that gives you some ideas...

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