Sunday, March 14, 2010

Army Swap

I've decided to dump my eldar if I can get an army swap for WHFB. It's a long list and I'm willing to piece it of course if I can get an equivalent retail of at least 2000 points worth of WHFB. Currently I'm open to any race for now. Of course I'll take cash for a lucky buyer who wants the whole lot... EMAIL me if you are interested.

About 70% of models are unpainted. Most are assembled. Most assembled vehicles are megnetic or modular. Considering the vast size of the list, I can provide details after getting some interested traders. Models are current unless stated otherwise.

3 Wave Serpents
1 BL Turret
1 EML Turret
2 Scatter Turret
1 Shuriken Turret

1 Wave Serpent (heavily converted with viper bits)

3 Grav Tanks
3 Prism Turret
3 Falcon Turret

18 Dire Avengers
2 Exarchs

1 Forgeworld Avatar

6 Warwalkers

1 Jetseer

1 Eldrad

14 Jetbikes
6 Shreiker Jetbikes

7 Vipers

6 Swooping Hawks
1 Exarch

4 Shining Spears
1 Exarch

10 Wraithguard

15 Firedragons
2 Exarchs

10 Rangers

3 Wraithlord

3 Heavy Support Platform

52 Guardians
3 Support Platforms

10 Scorpions
2 Exarchs

10 Howling Banshees
2 Exarchs

6 Dark Reapers (2nd ed)

3 Autarch with Jumpack and Fusion

1 Autarch with Bike and Lance

2 Farseer

1 Barrohath

1 Ltd Ed Autarch

6 Warlocks
2 Ltd Ed spirit seers

14 Harlequins (2nd ed)

45 Warpspiders
5 Exarchs


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