Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Technology Curse - A non warhammer rant

Just a small rant about web coding technology. Though I am new to blogspot, I do have a small background for webdesign. As many of you may have figured out or are already in the current computer trends, most store purchased PCs these days are running 64-bit operating systems thanks to the cloudy propaganda that having over 4gb of RAM is actually required to run a decent computer or laptop. (Let's keep gaming out of this equasion...). With Microsoft trying to stay ahead of the curve,
 other smaller and supportive companies are not.

My rant today is with Adobe. One of the greatest companies to provide web application support is running behind with the current PC trends. Why? A large majority of the graphical web populous is built around flash or contains major flash components. With the current trend of making x64 the standardized system, it has become fustrating switching browers to view most maintsream content thanks to lack of 64-bit flash support. What plans does Microsoft have with making Silverlight mainstream? Will Adobe flash eventually fade away or being the powerhorse that Microsoft is, will we see a partnership with Adobe and Silverlight development?

The reason for this rant is simply my fustration I encountered trying to add a simple image gallery to this blog. Sure, galleries come in all sort of forms like xml, html4, flash and php. But many of you know, flash is the easy way out. Aside from lacking my own server space, I'm forced to work with galleries like Flikr and Photobucket to host my images. Unfortunately the easy way out is using their own flash code.

Aside from my rant, I am also asking for help. Through Google search, I have not encountered a friendly code that I could use that is not flash based which has the ability to grab images from photobucket's server directory. However a good example that I simply havn't figured out is the image slide show used at Spikey Bits. The slide show used there is not flash based and upon checking the image properties within the slide show, I see the images are hosted on photobucket. However photobucket's internal slideshow code appears to only be flash oriented.



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